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A Simple and Effective Way to

Communicate with Attendees on the Show Floor

July 12th, 2016

By Nick McCallion, Senior Vice President, Trade Show Ready

Trade Show Ready strongly believes that attendees drive exhibitor and show floor growth.  We have discussed increasing audience acquisition through targeted telemarketing in the blog dated June 23,2016.


Today, let’s talk about communicating with attendees while they are on the show floor.  Practical uses would include:  sending delegates to focus groups, reminders for buyers to attend particular exhibitor booths, a heads up for a networking event, or an alarm for a workshop.


Our organization has used text messaging as a simple, yet effective means for attendee communication during the event.  As long as the contact opts in for mobile phone communication (usually during the registration process), show management can guide attendees, thus creating a unique experience for each individual.


Texting is also a preferred vehicle for communicating with millennials.  Trade Show Ready has used this approach not only on the show floor, but also for attendee registration efforts.  Even if your organization has a current trade show attendance solution in place, you may want to consider adding text messaging.



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