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Questions to Ask

Event organizers are competing to generate qualified attendees at their trade shows.  Accurate information is vital.  Are you certain that your data is actionable information and has the most up-to-date demographics?


Are you confident that your show attendance figures will surpass last year, or at least meet acceptable levels?  Does your show have the right audience of decision makers that your exhibitors desire?


Your trade show is competing with other events for exhibit booth dollars.  How do you successfully market your expo to consistently increase floor space and revenue?


Associations often face challenges that independent show organizers do not.  For example, consistently maintaining and developing new members.  What is the most cost effective and personalized means of accomplishing this goal?

Why Event Professionals Choose Us


The Leader in Data Cleansing Services for the Trade Show Industry Provides Actionable Information to Event Owners


Proven Marketing Strategies to Drive Show Attendance, Resulting in Higher Overall Exhibitor Satisfaction Rates and Increased Return on Investment


Successfully Outsource the Cold Calls and Qualification of Exhibit Booth Sales so that Your Team Focuses on Selling More Floor Space


Contributing to Bottom Line Revenue for Associations with Customized Membership Renewal Programs that Demonstrate a Measureable Profit

Trade Show Ready Sales Process

Trade Show Ready

Delivering a strong return on investment (ROI) for your next trade show or industry event is our focus at Trade Show Ready.  Whether you need to cleanse data, increase attendance, generate exhibitor leads, or renew association memberships,  Trade Show Ready is the choice for many independent and association event professionals.


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