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A Proven Way to Generate Revenues with an

Outsourced Membership Renewal Program

October 24th, 2016

By Nick McCallion, Senior Vice President, Trade Show Ready

Trade Show Ready knows that association-owned trade shows must make the most of their resources and rely on new and existing members to grow.  The downside is that many of the organizations do not have the manpower to do much more than send emails to renew memberships.


Emails, while a great form of communication, are not a very effective tool to encourage past members to renew and pay for their ongoing membership.  Trade Show Ready has seen very low response rates (often less than five percent) to emails.


The company has developed a process that incorporates personal phone calls and emails to generate membership renewals for associations from its expired contacts.


Nick McCallion, President of Trade Show Ready says: “Even though the goal of the association is to renew a membership, this is still a sales process.  And the most effective way to sell is either face-to-face, which is cost prohibitive or via targeted phone calls which let the expired member know how beneficial a renewed membership will be.  Emails don’t have the two-way conversation capability that phone calls allow.”


He added: “Membership renewal programs for associations almost always generate a strong return on investment.  For example, we recently had a client invest less than $3000 and generated more than seven times that amount in renewed memberships.”


Trade Show Ready

Delivering a strong return on investment (ROI) for your next trade show or industry event is our focus at Trade Show Ready.  Whether you need to cleanse data, increase attendance, generate exhibitor leads, or renew association memberships,  Trade Show Ready is the choice for many independent and association event professionals.


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